I was born in Chicago... isn't that a song? I was raised on the South Side in the shadow of an iron forge (I'm not making this up, folks). Did my time with the nuns and lived to tell about it. I started writing songs when I was fifteen years old and didn't know any better. 

For ten years I hung out in Carbondale, Illinois where I went to college and was a slacker for the six years that followed. It was there that I started gigging and writing seriously. Leaving Carbondale I moved to San Francisco where I've been ever since. 

As mentioned on my home page, I've been fortunate enough to have my songs recorded by Shawn Colvin, Chuck Prophet, Mary Lou Lord, Cliff Eberhardt, Thad Cockrell, Maurice Tani and Laurie MacAllister.

I still live in the Bay Area with my wife, Kathleen, and our daughter, Ruby. And obviously, I'm still writing songs and I still don't know any better. 

Take care, keep in touch by signing up for my mailing list, and keep your head down!